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I am Ann Hilson……founder and president of Leasing Luxury. I have been an apartment locator since moving to Atlanta in 1985. I worked for another company before starting my own in 1989. Apartment locators offer a personalized one to one assistance to those wanting to lease apartments.  Books and magazines give lists of apartment communities.  Both of these have positives and negatives.

Apartment locators, while offering the personalized service, take too much time, and in this day and electronic age, most people don’t want to wait. Books are immediate but just give lists, and it is up to you, the apartment dweller, to do your own searching and evaluating, and this can actually be a waste of time and effort.    

A few years ago, I realized there was a need for a ‘combination’ company offering the best aspects of both these forms of finding an apartment, so I decided to build an apartment listing website and personally hand-pick apartment communities to recommend. I choose quality properties that I would live in myself. At different times in my life, my needs and preferences change, but I always pick QUALITY properties that meet my high standards of living. 

My goal is for you to trust the properties Leasing Luxury recommends and be happy with your new rental home……even to the point that you feel comfortable enough to lease site unseen without visiting the property first. I want you to come back and use my service again and refer your friends.

Soon, I will have a blog website [] that you can come to and give your opinions of my site and service. I am sure this will help others in their quest for a new rental.

Thank you very much for visiting. I hope you enjoy your time here and will come back.

I have all ages, price ranges, and styles of apartment communities on my site, but they are all QUALITY properties.

The selection process is based on specific criteria such as:

Location, Location, Location - convenience to interstates, shopping, public transportation.

Appearance and first impression - does the apartment community look nice?

Management team and company - is the staff friendly, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and personable?

Unit maintenance - are the apartments well maintained including appliances, plumbing, and overall condition?

Building maintenance - are the buildings kept up including decks, breezeways, elevators, roofs, stairways, etc.?

Utility maintenance - are the air conditioning, heating, smoke detectors, and alarms checked regularly?

Service requests - is the maintenance crew knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and PROMPT?

Landscape - are the grounds, pool area, parking lots, driveways, jogging trails, pet walking areas well maintained and well lit [at night]?

Amenities - do they offer additional services such as work out facility, dry-cleaning, car wash, etc.?

Are they good to their residents?

Would I, (the "very picky about my home" apartment locator  Leasing Luxury), live here?